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Bespoke solar panel bird proofing

Birds and squirrels nesting under your solar panels can be destructive. Call Safesite Environmental in Scunthorpe to get a free quote on our proofing solutions. We travel to businesses across Yorkshire and the North of England.

Don’t let pests spoil your solar panels

As green energy rises in popularity and solar panels become a common sight on our roofs, unfortunately so have problems with pests. Due to the way solar panels are fitted, the gap underneath them is just the right size for pigeons and squirrels to build their nests. Safesite Environmental can offer you the ideal proofing solutions to prevent pests from nesting under and damaging your solar panels.


Contact our team in Scunthorpe today to arrange a free initial quote.

How could solar panel pests cause you problems?

Diseases – Pigeons, seagulls and other birds can transmit salmonella, bird flu, mites and more to humans.

Mess on pavements – Nesting birds will mean more droppings on your pavements and walkways which can stain and may create a slip hazard.

Blocked gutters – Droppings, feathers and nesting materials can all slip down and cause gutter blockages which will need to be repaired.

Damage to your solar panel wiring – The acidic nature of bird droppings could cause damage to your solar panels' wiring over time, leading to expensive repair bills.

Reduced energy output – Solar panels covered in bird droppings won’t be able to produce as much power. By stopping birds from nesting underneath, this can be greatly reduced.

The solution is easy

The good news is all the above problems can be prevented by effectively blocking pests from being able to enter the area under your solar panels. Safesite Environmental can fit durable steel mesh that’s cut to size and designed to withstand the elements on all edges of your solar panels.

If your building has or is having solar panels installed, adding the right pest prevention measures is a cost-effective solution that could save you money on building repairs and removing pests further down the line.

Seagull perched on a roof
Spraying Chemical on Stairs
Aerial Spraying Helicopter
Chemical Spraying
Need a pest control expert? Give us a call.
Need solar panel bird proofing for your building? Call Safesite Environmental now on 01724 848757 or 07563 553179.




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