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Effective insect control for Yorkshire businesses

Whatever types of bugs you’re trying to remove or prevent, Safesite Environmental of Scunthorpe can help. Get in touch today for expert advice from our friendly team.

Get your insect problem under control

Whether they’re crawling or flying, no one likes to see insects while they are at work or visiting another business. If you’ve spotted insects, or signs of them such as damage to woodwork or nests, it’s important to eradicate them quickly and effectively, particularly if your business handles food or materials that need to be kept hygienic. Safesite Environmental works in Scunthorpe, Yorkshire and the North of England and can offer expert advice on the types of insects you’re dealing with and construct a plan to get rid of them quickly.

Common insects we remove include:

Cockroaches – Both German and Oriental cockroaches exist in the UK and can quickly take over a building.

Textile pests – Moths and carpet beetles can soon munch away on carpets and textiles causing costly damage.

Fleas – Most of the time fleas are not on the animal but in carpets and soft furnishing around the home.

Stored product insects (SPIs) - SPIs are found on natural grains used to make many common food products.

Flies – Flies spread disease fast but can be easily removed and prevented.

Fly screens and 
control units fitted 

Durable fly screens allow fresh air in while keeping pests out. We can fit tailor-made screens to windows and doors of all sizes. For any flies that do find their way in, a wall-mounted fly control unit is an effective way to remove them from the environment. These low-energy units work by attracting flying insects with a UV light, once inside a quick electric shock kills them and they are caught within the unit.


As well as installing fly control units, we also offer regular maintenance visits.

Horse fly on a fly screen
False widow spider hanging from its web
False widow removal

The false widow is the UK’s most venomous spider. Although its bite is no worse than a bee sting, it can still cause concern for many people, particularly those with phobias. Spray, powder and fogging treatments are all options for eradicating this spider species. Which one we use will depend on your business type and the size of your premises.


If you think you’ve spotted a false widow, give the Safesite Environmental team a call for friendly, expert advice.

Spraying Chemical on Stairs
Aerial Spraying Helicopter
Chemical Spraying
Different pest problem? We'll take care of it.
For cost-effective insect control, call Safesite Environmental today on
01724 848757 or 07563 553179.




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