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Bird control services from pest control experts

Problems with birds at your business? Call Safesite Environmental in Scunthorpe to see how we can help. We work across Yorkshire and the North of England.

Putting a stop to flying pests

In the wild, birds are never an issue, however, when they start nesting on your business premises, they can cause serious health risks due to the diseases they carry. Excessive droppings can also make walkways slippery and become stained. Finding the right solutions to deal with unwanted birds can seem challenging, but with 20 years’ experience, Safesite Environmental is the ideal team to call. We’ll work with you to create a tailored bird control plan.

Our bird control techniques include:


Solar panel proofing



Electric tracks (Avi track)

Removing old nests

Bioacoustic bird scaring

Suspended wires

Optical gels

In all situations, we will choose the most humane and discreet solutions appropriate to the situations.

Bird spikes on a warehouse building to deter birds
A woodlark resting in a field at the edge of woodland
Understanding the rules around protected species

All wild birds in the UK are protected by government legislation, meaning no birds can be killed without a specific licence. Any pest control activities carried out by Safesite Environmental will be in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

When it comes to problematic birds, the best approach is prevention. If they cannot nest in or on your buildings, you are far less likely to have problems with them. This can be achieved with a combination of spikes, netting and bird scaring devices. Let our pest control experts put together the right solution to meet your needs.

Aerial Spraying Helicopter
Spraying Chemical on Stairs
Chemical Spraying
Tackling a different pest? Our team is here to help.
To get a fast resolution to your bird problems, call our team in Scunthorpe now on 01724 848757 or 07563 553179.




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