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Dependable bird netting installers

Protect your building, goods and customers with our effective bird-proofing measures. Contact Safesite Environmental in Scunthorpe now for a free survey. We work with businesses in Yorkshire and the North of England.

Protecting your building from nuisance pests

Whether you operate a retail unit, a hotel, a farm or a sports venue, bird-proof netting is a great way to deter a range of avian pests. Safesite Environmental are established bird netting installers, with over 20 years’ experience in identifying and resolving bird-based problems. We install high-quality netting ideal for protecting building facias, canopies and roofs: anywhere where pigeons, seagulls and other troublesome flying pests congregate.


Call our team in Scunthorpe now to arrange a free survey.

​Why bird-proof netting is the ideal choice
Simple yet effective

Bird netting is designed to prevent birds getting to areas where they typically roost or nest, leading them to find an alternative elsewhere. It can cover large cavity areas, making it ideal for warehouses, stadiums and other large areas where birds can easily find access. Netting is also suitable for use externally on roofs, and for protecting crops.


It is highly durable, and can withstand damage and the elements for many years.

Discreet design

Netting is also ideal for applications where aesthetics needs to be considered. We can supply and install netting in a variety of colours, ensuring your bird-proofing measures blend in seamlessly, minimising the impact on the appearance of your property. We can also source netting made from clear nylon or UV-stabilised polythene, creating a barrier that's practically invisible from just a few metres away.

Ideal for any bird species

Different sizes and types of netting can be supplied, depending on the species of bird that is giving you grief. Whether you have a problem with pigeons, or have an ongoing seagull or starling issue you want to resolve, our team can supply the ideal netting for your particular pest problem.

Flock of starlings on a telegraph pole
Bird netting
Chemical Spraying
Bird netting protecting crops
Pests posing a problem? Call Safesite Environmental.
Keep birds away from your property. Call Safesite Environmental today on 01724 848757 or 07563 553179.




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