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Stop unwanted pests with our rodent control services

Safesite Environmental in Scunthorpe has a range of solutions available to remove and deter rodents from your business. Get in touch today for a free quote. We cover All of Yorkshire and the North of England.

Rely on us for rapid rodent removal

As well as carrying many diseases, rats, mice and other rodents can also cause costly damage to your building and stock. With over 20 years’ experience in rodent control and prevention, Safesite Environmental is the ideal team to rely on for your company’s pest control needs. If you’ve spotted any signs of a rodent infestation, or you want to take preventative measures before it happens, contact us today.

Common rodents we can eradicate

Due to their burrowing and gnawing behaviours, rats can cause huge amounts of damage. They also carry Weil's disease, making them a public health risk. Key signs of a rat infestation include:

Scratching noises in walls and roof spaces

10-20mm droppings

Musty odours

Missing or partially eaten food

Rat sightings

Burrowing holes outside


Did you know a mouse can fit through a hole the width of a pencil? If you have a mouse problem you might have noticed:

Noises in your roof or wall spaces

1-3mm droppings

Strong ammonia odours

Smear marks on walls or around pipes

Chewed materials, mice will gnaw substances to make bedding


The common grey squirrel is not a problem when out in the wild but in your buildings they can cause lots of damage by gnawing away at materials. Squirrel infestation signs include:

Urine smells or stains

Scratching in roof or wall spaces

Gnawed materials or wiring

An increased amount of squirrels in the areas surrounding the building

Rats eating
Arrange a rodent survey

No two rodent infestations or commercial buildings are ever the same so Safesite Environmental believes it’s best to take a unique approach to ensure we get the best resolution.


Contact our team in Scunthorpe today to arrange a free survey.

Spraying Chemical on Stairs
Aerial Spraying Helicopter
Chemical Spraying
Different pest problem? Let us help with that.
Spotted rats or mice? Call Safesite Environmental now on
01724 848757 or 07563 553179.




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