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Mole control and removal in Yorkshire

Scunthorpe-based Safesite Environmental works across the North of England to help businesses take care of problematic moles. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Are moles causing chaos on your grounds?

As nocturnal, underground animals, you may never see the moles that are digging up your fields, but you will notice the little molehills they leave behind. Whilst in the wild they cause no issue, they can be incredibly disruptive if they are tearing up bowling greens, sports pitches, crop fields or manicured lawns. Interestingly, many molehills do not necessarily mean there are a huge amount of moles. If you are having trouble with moles, contact Safesite Environmental today. Our team is based in Scunthorpe and offers effective solutions for businesses across Yorkshire and beyond.

Common signs of
a mole infestation

Molehills – small mound of earth that pop up overnight

Raised ridges in the ground, these are caused by the moles’ tunnels

Ground becoming uneven to walk on

Stones being brought up onto the grass

Mole hill on a green lawn
A mole pushes its upper body up through the earth into the sunlight
How do we go about mole control?

As they tunnel in from outside, it can be almost impossible to prevent moles from making their way onto your land. Moles commonly feed on worms, moss and weeds, so reducing these, if possible, should stop them being attracted to the area.

To remove moles that are causing a problem for your business, trapping and fumigation are very effective methods. In all cases, we will take a humane and discreet approach. Contact us today for expert advice from our friendly team.

Spraying Chemical on Stairs
Aerial Spraying Helicopter
Chemical Spraying
Say goodbye to your pest problem. Call us today.
Need help with moles on your grounds? Call Safesite Environmental now on 01724 848757 or 07563 553179.




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